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AAC Language Centre
A Door to Italy
ABC College of English
ABC Languages
ABLE Manchester
ACET Ireland
ACG English School
Absolutely English Young Learners
Academic Summer
Academy of English Studies
Accademia Italiana
Accademia Leonardo
Accademia Studioitalia
Accent International Language Consultancy
Access International English Language Centre
Access Language Centre Sydney
Accord Manchester
Active Language Learning
AELS English Language School
AF International College
AICOL Gold Coast
AIP Languages
Alba English
ALCE - Accademia Lingue e Culture Europee
Alhambra Instituto
ALI Montreal
Almeria Spanish School
Alpha - Activ Heidelberg
alpha.b Institut Linguistique
Alpha College of English
Alpha Educational Institute
Alpha School of English
Alphabet International Camps
Altitude Summer Camps
am Language Studio Malta
am Language Studio Malta Juniors
Amalelingua Italy
American English College
American English Institute
Anglia Ruskin University Language Services Unit (LSU)
Anglo-German Institute
Anglolang Academy of English
Anne's Language House
Apollo English Language Centre
Ardmore Language Schools
Ardmore Language Schools (USA)
Arena School of English
Aspiring Language Institute
ATC Language Schools, Bray
ATC Language Schools, Dublin
Atlantic Language Dublin
Atlantic Language Galway
Atlantis Language Institute
Atlas Language School
Auckland English Academy
Auckland Institute of Studies
Australian English Language School
Australian International College of English
Australian Pacific College
AUT International House
Avalon School of English
Babel English Academy
Babilonia Italian Language Center
Basil Paterson College
Bath Academy of English
Bath College English Language School
Bay of Plenty English Language School
Bay Language Institute
Bayswater College
Beaulieu Riviera Language Center
BBLingua! Spanish School
Bede's Summer School
BEET Language Centre
Bell Cambridge
Bell London
BELS Juniors
BELS Malta & Gozo - Adults
Berlitz Manchester
Best Care Language Academy
BEST in Bath
Biarritz Language Courses Institute
Bishopstrow College
Bloomsbury International
BLS English
Bond University ELI
Boston School of English
Bournemouth School of Marketing International
Brandon College
Bridge English Denver
Bridge International College
Bridgestone Language Academy
Bright School of English
Brighton Language College
Bristol Language Centre
Britannia English Academy
British Study Centres Brighton
British Study Centres Dublin
British Study Centres Edinburgh
British Study Centres Juniors
British Study Centres Oxford
British Study Centres London
British Study Centres London Hampstead
British Study Centres Manchester
British Study Centres York
Brooke House College
Brooklyn School of Languages
Browns English language school
BSA Bethnal Student Academy
Bucksmore Education
BWS Germanlingua
BWS Germanlingua, Berlin
Byron Bay English Language School
CAL America
Cairns College of English and Business
Cairns Language Centre
Caledonian Language School
California Language Academy Los Angeles
California Language Academy San Diego
Camber College
Cambridge Academy of English
Cambridge Law Studio
Cambridge Seminars College
Camp Eagle Hill
Camp Twin Creeks
Campus Idiomático
Campus International de Cannes
Canadian as a Second Language Institute
Canadian Language Centre
Canterbury Christ Church University
Cape Studies Language School
Capital English Solutions
Capital School of English Bournemouth
Capital School of English (Cardiff)
Cardiff University
CAREL, Royan
Carl Duisberg Centre Berlin
Cavendish School of English
CCEL Christchurch
CEC - Cork English College
CEL Los Angeles Santa Monica
CEL San Diego Downtown
CEL San Diego Pacific Beach
Celtic English Academy
Central College Dublin
Central School of English
Central Language School, Cambridge
Central Pacific College
Centre International d'Antibes
Centro Catalina
Centro Culturale Giacomo Puccini
Centro Fiorenza
Centro Italiano
CERAN Adult (Executives)
CERAN Juniors
CERAN Young Adults
Cervantes Escuela Internacional
CES Edinburgh
CES Harrogate
CES Ireland
CES Ireland Juniors
CES Leeds
CES London
CES Oxford
CES Toronto
CES Worthing
CESC Colchester English Study Centre
Chamber College
Chapterhouse Dublin
CHE Buenos Aires
Chichester College
Churchill House School of English Language
Churchill House Juniors
CIAL Centro de Linguas
CIEL de Strasbourg
CICU Spanish Schools
CLIC International House Cadiz
CLIC International House Malaga
CLIC International House Sevilla
CLLC Halifax
CLLC Ottawa
CLLC Toronto
Clifton College Summer School
Clubclass Malta
College Platon
Colegio de Espana
Colegio Maravillas
Colon Language Center
Communicate School
Concorde International
Connect English
Converse International School of Languages San Diego
Converse International School of Languages San Francisco
Cork English Academy
Cork English World
Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre
Country Cousins
Coventry College
Crown Institute of Studies
Culture Works
DEA Education Center
DCU Language Services
Debla cursos de español
Delfin English School
Derzhavin Institute
did deutsch-institut Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt
did deutsch-institut Munich
Discover English
Discovery Summer
Dominion English Schools
Don Quijote Madrid, Barcelona
Dorset College, Dublin
Dublin Cultural Institute
Dukes International Summer Schools
DWS Buenos Aires
East Coast School of Languages
Easy School of Languages
EC Boston
EC Brighton
EC Brighton Young Learners
EC Bristol
EC Cambridge
EC Cambridge Young Learners
EC Cape Town
EC Dublin
EC Dublin 30+
EC London
EC London 30+
EC London Young Learners
EC Los Angeles
EC Los Angeles Young Learners
EC Malta
EC Malta 30+
EC Malta Young Learners
EC Manchester
EC Miami
EC Montreal
EC New York
EC New York 30+
EC Oxford
EC San Diego
EC San Franciso
EC Toronto
EC Toronto 30+
EC Vancouver
EC Washington
Eckersley School of English
Ecole Québec Monde
ECS Scotland
Edinburgh Language Academy
Edwards Language School
Ehrstein Language School
El Pasaje Spanish
ELC Boston
ELC Los Angeles
ELC Santa Barbara
ELC Bristol
ELI Dublin
ELS Toronto
ELS Vancouver
Embassy Brighton Study Centre
Embassy Cal Poly
Embassy Cambridge Study Centre
Embassy English Melbourne
Embassy English San Francisco
Embassy English Toronto
Embassy Hastings Study Centre
Embassy London Study Centre
Embassy New York Study Centre
Embassy San Diego Study Centre
Embassy Study Centre Auckland
Embassy Study Centre Brisbane
Embassy Summer
Embassy Surfers Paradise Study Centre
Embassy Sydney Study Centre
Emerald Cultural Institute
Enforex Alicante
Enforex Barcelona
Enforex Granada
Enforex Juniors Barcelona
Enforex Juniors Madrid
Enforex Juniors Marbella Central
Enforex Juniors Marbella Alboran
Enforex Madrid
Enforex Marbella
Enforex Malaga
Enforex Sevilla
Enforex Tenerife
English College of Adelaide
English Communication School
English Domain
English Encounters
English in Chester
English in Cyprus
English in Margate
English in Totnes
English in York
English Language Company
English Language & Culture Institute
English Language Company Kuala Lumpur
English School of Canada
English Teaching College
English Unlimited
Erin School of English
Escuela de Idiomas Nerja
Estudio Sampere Alicante
Estudio Sampere Cuenca
Estudio Sampere La Habana
Estudio Sampere Madrid
Estudio Sampere Salamanca
ETC International College
ETI Malta
Etoile Institut de Langue
Eureka Madrid
Eurocentres Amboise
Eurocentres Barcelona
Eurocentres Berlin
Eurocentres Bournemouth
Eurocentres Brighton
Eurocentres Cambridge
Eurocentres Cape Town
Eurocentres Eltham
Eurocentres Florence
Eurocentres La Rochelle
Eurocentres London Central
Eurocentres Malta
Eurocentres Melbourne
Eurocentres Paris
Eurocentres San Diego
Eurocentres Sydney
Eurocentres Toronto
Eurocentres Vancouver
Europa School of English
European School of English Ltd (ESE), Malta
Excel English
Exeter Academy
Expanish Barcelona
Eynsford College
Fast Forward Language Institute
FLS @ Boston Commons
FLS @ St Peter's University
Foyle International
France Langue Biarritz
France Langue Bordeaux
France Langue Martinique
France Langue Nice
France Langue Paris
Frances King School of English
Frances King Dublin
French in Normandy
Fusion English Brisbane
Future Learning Language School
Future Learning Canterbury
GLS Berlin
GLS Berlin Young Learners
GV Malta English Centre
Galatea Italian Language Center for Foreigners
Galway Cultural Institute
Galway Language Centre
Gateway School of English
Genki Japanese and Culture School
George Brown College
GEOS Calgary
GEOS Montreal
GEOS St Julians
Giralda Center
Glasgow School of English
Global Language Institute
Global School of English
Global Village Calgary
Global Village Hawaii
Global Village Vancouver
Global Village Victoria
Globe English Centre
Gloria Spanish School
Golden Gate Language Schools
Golders Green College
Good Hope Studies
Greater Brighton Metropolitan College
Greystone College Toronto
Greystone College Vancouver
Harrow House International
Harven School of English
Hastings English Language Centre
Heartland International English School
Heathfield Summer School for Girls, Ascot
Heriot-Watt University
Hilderstone College
Holmes Institute Melbourne
Horizonte Institut
Hurtwood House
ICLS English Language Programs
IELI Adelaide
IELS Malta
IELS Malta Young Learners
IELS Malta Gozo
ILAC - English in Canada
ILAC - English in Canada, Vancouver
ILS English
ILSC Brisbane
ILSC Junior Programs
ILSC Melbourne
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Sydney
ILSC Toronto
ILSC Vancouver
Impact English College
Infinity English College
Inforum Australia
inlingua Berlin
inlingua Cheltenham
inlingua Edinburgh
inlingua Fort Lauderdale
inlingua Malta
inlingua Santander
inlingua Vancouver
inlingua Victoria
inlingua Washington D.C.
Insight Study Greenwich School of English
Institut de Touraine
Institut Européen de français
Institut Linguistique Adenet
Institut Linguistique du Peyrou
Institute of Intensive English, Hawaii
Instituto Andalusi de Espanol - Malaga
Instituto Hispanico de Murcia
INTC Russian Language School
Intensive School of English
Intercultura Costa Rica
Intercultural Communications College
Interlangues Language School
Interlink School of Languages
International House Aberdeen
International House Bristol
International House Bristol Juniors
International House Cape Town
International House Cork Juniors
International House Dublin
International House Dublin Juniors
International House Heidelberg
International House London
International House London Teacher Training
International House Malta
International House Manchester
International House Milan
International House Newcastle
International House Nice
International House Palermo
International House San Diego
International House Valencia
International House Vancouver
International House VIVA Barcelona
International House VIVA Palma
International Language Homestays
International Language Institute
IS Aix-en-Provence
ISI Study in Ireland
Isca School of English
iTTTi Vancouver
Just Go Languages
Just Go Languages
K2 Internacional
Kapito Sprachschule
Kaplan Adelaide Kaplan Auckland
Kaplan Bath
Kaplan Berkeley
Kaplan Boston Fenway
Kaplan Boston Harvard Square
Kaplan Bournemouth
Kaplan Brisbane
Kaplan Cambridge
Kaplan Chicago
Kaplan Dublin
Kaplan Edinburgh
Kaplan Golden West College
Kaplan Liverpool
Kaplan London Covent Garden
Kaplan London Leicester Square
Kaplan Los Angeles Westwood
Kaplan Los Angeles Whittier
Kaplan Manchester
Kaplan Melbourne
Kaplan Miami
Kaplan New York Empire State
Kaplan New York Soho
Kaplan Oxford
Kaplan Perth
Kaplan Philadelphia
Kaplan Portland
Kaplan San Diego
Kaplan San Francisco
Kaplan Santa Barbara
Kaplan Seattle Downtown
Kaplan Seattle Highline College
Kaplan Sydney City
Kaplan Sydney Manly
Kaplan Toronto
Kaplan Torquay
Kaplan Vancouver
Kaplan Washington
Kensington Academy of English
Killarney School of English
Kings Boston
Kings Bournemouth
Kings Brighton
Kings London
Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Kings Oxford
Kingsway English Centre
Kiwi English Academy
KKCL English
Kurus English
La Playa
Lacunza IH San Sebastian
LAE Madrid Spanish Language School
Lake School of English Oxford
LAL Boca Raton Young Learners
LAL Boston
LAL Cape Town
LAL Fort Lauderdale
LAL Fort Lauderdale Young Learners
LAL London
LAL London Young Learners
LAL New York Young Learners
LAL Torbay
LAL Torbay Young Learners
LAL Winchester Young Learners
Langports Brisbane & Gold Coast
Langports Sydney
Language Exchange International
Language Learning International
Language Link
Language On
Language Pacifica
Language Schools New Zealand
Language Specialists International Portsmouth
LTC Language Teaching Centre
Language Teaching Centres UK (LTC)
Language Teaching Centres Eastbourne
Languages International
Language Plus
Languages Plus / Sprachcaffe
Languages United
Langue Onze
LCI Language Centers, Denver
Leeds English Language School
Leeds Language Academy
Leeds Language College
Lewis School of English
Lexis English Brisbane
Lexis English Byron Bay
Lexis English Juniors
Lexis English Noosa
Lexis English Perth
Lexis English Sunshine Coast
Lexis Japan
Liden and Denz Moscow
Liden and Denz St Petersburg
Limerick Language Centre
Linguadue Milan
Linguatime (Malta)
Linguaviva Florence
Live Language
Living Learning English
London House School of English
London Language Lab
Loxdale English Centre
LSC Stanton
LSF Montpellier
LSI Auckland
LSI Boston
LSI Brighton
LSI Brisbane
LSI Cambridge
LSI London Central
LSI London Central Club 40+
LSI London Hampstead
LSI New York
LSI Paris
LSI San Diego
LSI San Francisco
LSI Toronto
LSI Vancouver
LSI Zurich
LTL Mandarin School, Beijing
LTL Mandarin School, Chengde
LTL Mandarin School, Shanghai
LVC English
Lyceum English
Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz Summer Camp
Lyon Bleu International
Mackenzie School of English
Magister Academy
Malaca Instituto
Malta University Language School
Malvern House London
Manchester Central School of English
Manchester Metropolitan University Language Centre
Mandarin House
Manhattan Language
Manor Courses
Maximo Nivel Peru
Mayfair School of English
Mayflower College of English
Melbourne Language Centre
Melton College
Mentora College
Meridian School of English
Milestones English Academy
Milner School of English Wimbledon
MIT Institute Sydney
MLS International College
MLS Montreal Language Studies
Montana State University Interlink IEP
Montreal International Institute of Language Arts
Montreal International Language Centre
More Than English
Nab Cottage / English Language in the Lakes
Nacel English School, London
Navitas English, Sydney
Nelson English Centre
New College Group Dublin
New College Group Liverpool
New College Group Manchester
New England School of English
New Horizon College, Napier
New York Language Center Midtown
New York Language Center Upper West Side
New York Language Center Jackson Heights
New York Language Center The Bronx
New Zealand Institute of Studies
New Zealand Language Centres
Newcastle International School of English
Norwich Study Centre - Flying Classrooms
Nottingham English School / New College Nottingham
NSTS Malta
Nueva Lengua
Olivet English Language School
Open Hearts Language Academy Boca Raton
Open Hearts Language Academy Miami
Open Hearts Language Academy Orlando
Open Hearts Language Academy Youth Programs
Oscars International, Dublin
Oscars Juniors Cyprus
Oscars Juniors Ireland
Oscars International, Limassol Oscars Juniors UK
Oscars Juniors USA
Oxford English Academy
Oxford English Academy, Cape Town
Oxford English Centre
Oxford House College, London
Oxford House College, Miami
Oxford House College, Oxford
Oxford House College, Richmond
Oxford House College, Stratford-upon-Avon
Oxford House College, Toronto
Oxford International Brighton
Oxford International London Greenwich
Oxford International Oxford
Oxford International Language School
Oxford International Study Centre
Oxford School of English
PACE Language Institute
Paris Langues
Parola Italian Language School in Florence
Perth International College of English
Phoenix Academy
Portsmouth English Language School
Preston Academy of English
Purley Language College
Q International School
Regent's University English Language Centre
Regent Bournemouth
Regent Brighton
Regent Cambridge
Regent Edinburgh
Regent London
Regent Oxford
Rennert Miami South Beach
Rennert New York
Rennert Teens
Richard Language College
Riviera English School
Riversdown House
Rose of York Language School London
Rotorua English Language Academy
Route 66 Idiomas
Russian Language Academy Durbe
SACE Adelaide
SACE Hobart & Whitsundays
SACE Melbourne
San Diego State University ALI
Scarborough International School of English
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Seafield School of English
SEDA College
SELC English Language Centres Sydney
SELC English Language Centres Vancouver
Select English, Cambridge
Severnvale Academy
Shafston International College
Shane English School Hastings
Shane English School London
Sheffield Hallam University
Sidmouth International School
Silk Mandarin
SOAS, University of London (IFCELS Department)
Sonoma State
Southbourne School of English
Southern Lakes English College
Spanish Language Center
Spanish World Institute
Speakeasy School of English
Speakeasy Spanish Language School
Spinnaker School of English
Spring International Language Centre, Littleton
Sprott Shaw Language College
St Clare's, Oxford
St Edmund's College
St George International
St Giles Brighton
St Giles Cambridge
St Giles Eastbourne
St Giles Juniors Canada
St Giles London Central
St Giles London Highgate
St Giles New York City
St Giles San Francisco
St Giles Vancouver
St Peter's School of English
Stafford House Boston
Stafford House Brighton
Stafford House Calgary
Stafford House Cambridge
Stafford House Canterbury
Stafford House Chicago
Stafford House London
Stafford House San Diego
Stafford House San Francisco
Stafford House Toronto
Star Exeter
Studio Cambridge
Studio Cambridge Juniors
Study Abroad Canada Language Institute
Study English in Canada
Summer Discovery Programs UCLA
Sun Pacific College
Sydney English Academy
Sydney College of English
Talk English Schools
Tamwood Camps Canada
Tamwood Camps USA
Tamwood Language Centres, Toronto & Vancouver
Tamwood Language Centres, Whistler
Tandem Madrid
Target International Student Center
TASIS England
TEG English, Bristol
Thames Valley Summer Schools
The Acorn Institute
The Bournemouth School of English
The Burlington School of English
The Cambridge Centre for Languages
The Campbell Institute NZ
The English Language Centre (ELC Brighton)
The English Language Centre Eastbourne
The English Language Centre in Reading
The English Studio Language School
The English Studio Language School, Dublin
The Essential English Centre
The Horner School of English
The International Language Institute of Massachusetts
The International School of English
The Language Academy
The Language Club
The Language Company
The Language Gallery Birmingham
The Language Gallery Dublin
The Language Gallery London
The Language Gallery Manchester
The Language Gallery Toronto
The Language Gallery Vancouver
The Linguaviva Centre, Dublin
The Liverpool School of English
The London School of English
The London School of English, Canterbury
The Sheffield College
Torquay International School
Trebinshun House
Tti School of English
Twin English Centre Eastbourne
Twin English Centre London
Uceda School
UCD Applied Language Centre
UCSD English Language Institute
UIC Tutorium in Intensive English
UK College of English
UKEC Academy
Unilang Malta
Unique New Zealand
United World School of English
University College Cork Language Centre
Universidad de Alicante
University of Auckland ELA
University of Bath Academic Skills Centre
University of Delaware English Language Institute
University of Miami IEP
University of Otago Language Centre
University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education
University of St Andrews
University of the Arts London, Language Centre
University of Manchester Language Centre
University of Waikato Pathways College
University of Wolverhampton International Academy
Vancouver International College
Vanwest College
VGC International College
Victoria School of English
Village English Language School
Viva College
Waikato Institute of Educationj
Waterford English Language Centres
Westbourne Academy
WE Bridge Academy
WESLI Wisconsin English Language Institute
Wilkinson's English Language School
Wimbledon School of English
Winchester School of English
Wise Owl English
Worldwide School of English
York St John University
Zoni Manhattan
Zoni Miami Beach
Zoni Vancouver