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A fast and easy Quote & book system for your website


CoursePricer for Agents

Agents can use CoursePricer to offer unlimited instant itemised quotes and a booking form for all web visitors. So students can choose a school and get a price on your site and book, and you get their emailed quotes, enquiries and bookings using your booking form. See the "Special Agent Features" below.

  • choose your partner schools from our extensive database
  • rename/translate (as required) the course names and other service headers
  • choose the currency for your aggregate quotes (+/- % conversion adjustment)
  • install your partners' CoursePricers and, using our Github code, your booking form on your site
  • CoursePricer will now provide you with emailed quotes, direct enquiries, and bookings.

Great for service, great for business, and great for all round confidence and trust.

NB. There is a standard annual management charge for this service.

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Special Agent Features

NB. Roll mouse/pointer over the screen shots for details


How to get started

1. Go to the agent LOGIN page and create an agent's account.

2. Record your settings (company, web, contact details, currency for quotes etc.).

3. Use the "Request Access" button to select and contact your partner schools.

4. When the schools authorise the cooperation:

          a) deselect any courses you do not wish to offer

          b) translate / rename courses and services as required

          c) download the embed code for each partner school

5. Upgrade your website to offer unlimited instant quotes.

To link quotes to bookings

6. Create a new page on your site e.g.

7. Select and download form code from Github

8. Customize the form in your own language with your own fields, fonts etc.

9. Install the form on the new page with your API token, and activate

10. Enter the URL of your form in the Booking section of your CoursePricer Settings.

Students can now get instant itemized quotes and book your partners' courses with you in complete confidentiality.


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