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CoursePricer is a specialist utility providing instant itemised quotes on the websites of international language schools.

Clients say...

Rebecca Bonnici

"Coursepricer allows us to integrate our offerings within our website, while incorporating an easy to use calculator - without the need of over complicated web applications or added design. It also gives us the opportunity to update prices in real time allowing our students to check prices and get an immediate quote."
Rebecca Bonnici, Owner & CEO, BELS Malta

Sarah Beasley

"CoursePricer is the ideal fit for our website and compliments it perfectly. It's quick and easy to use and is also excellent value. We couldn't be happier with the service the team provide, nothing is ever too much trouble - it really is the solution to our course quotation woes! We couldn't recommend the service highly enough."
Sarah Beasley, Marketing Executive, BEET Language Centre, Bournemouth

Paul Sheahan
"We have found CoursePricer to be an added benefit to our website and it definitely helps to increase bookings from the site."
Paul Sheahan, Quality and Marketing Manager, Cork English World

Natasha Mason Kennedy
"CoursePricer was easy to integrate into our website and is very easy to update when we change any pricing. Students say they love how simple it is to work out their course and accommodation price."
Natasha Mason Kennedy, Director, La Aventura Espanola, Madrid

Alessandro Adorno
"What is most surprising with CoursePricer is not just the quality of the tool and the fact that it makes it so easy for potential clients to determine the final cost of their study-stay at our school but the unbelievable kindness and availability of the staff behind CoursePricer. They made it so easy for us to install CoursePricer on our website. A real pleasure and privilege to work with these guys!"
Alessandro Adorno, Director, Babilonia Italian Language Center, Taormina

Move and Study
"CoursePricer is a very efficient quotation tool for agencies. Prices are updated, we can translate every word from the schools, the team responds to every demand very quickly and the number of quotations on our website has almost doubled. A real business partner."
Ludovic Damoiseau, Director, Agency Move and Study, Paris

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