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"a very user-friendly way of getting a real-time, reliable quotation. I believe it can really boost enquiries and bookings for providers and agents alike"
David Jones, Director, ETC International College, Bournemouth.

"...students find it helps them navigate the huge range of prices on offer, and this speeds up the process of deciding and finally booking."
Kevin McNally, Managing Director, Torquay International School.



The Professional Solution

Designed and developed for the international language school sector, CoursePricer gives students instant itemized quotes and enables schools to update prices on multiple installations at a stroke.

The Universal Solution

In the international language school sector students can typically come at any time for any course of any duration and demand a choice of accommodation and other services. This flexibility has frequently meant a need to publish extended tables of charges, small print conditions, seasonal extras and so on. Now you can turn that information management overhead into an exciting asset. Students engage with your prices to get the neat and complete itemized quotes they want, they can then email themselves (copied to you) and send a summary by SMS.

CoursePricer works in any currency for multiple course structures and pricing systems: fixed dates, open enrolment, minimum duration, start weekly / monthly, fixed price, flat rate and sliding scale together with unlimited accommodation options, transfers, ancillary services and extras. It is an elegant, fast and effective "white label" solution (it carries your brand only), offering instant quotes for students and instant updates for your network.

How does it work?

1. Upload your course and service price data to CoursePricer

2. Copy and paste the embed code into your website

3. Offer instant quotations to your site visitors

You can then also install it wherever you like.

See it work

Click below to see some examples of CoursePricer installations.

link to IH Bristol  link to inlingua Cheltenham  link to UK College of English  link to Olivet  link to Mulberry

To see 400 schools from 20 countries and their working course price data, click here.

There is also a 30 second video showing a student getting a quote using an iPhone here.

Where can I get more information?

Download the CoursePricer Introduction PDF


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